Enjoy Local Beer and Tasty Food

Enjoy Local Beer and Tasty Food

Find delicious food and alcoholic beverages at our bar and grill

Legends Bar & Grill serves a variety of delicious entrees and appetizers that are sure to have your mouth watering and stomach howling.

Everyone in your family is sure to find an entrée or appetizer from our food menu that they'll enjoy. We serve everything from whiskey sirloins to junk baskets filled with your favorite bar snacks. Some of our popular food items include the:

  • Whiskey sirloin
  • Walleye hoagie
  • Walleye almondine
  • Junk basket
  • Jalapeño poppers

To find out what other entrees and sides are on our food menu, call 320-253-9000 today.

Sip on your favorite beer or well drink

Sip on your favorite beer or well drink

Need to cool off after a long, stressful work day? We can help. Legends Bar & Grill serves local craft and draft beer.

We have 12 beers on tap at all times, and 5 of them are always local craft beers. We also have an extensive selection of liquor. Whether you're a whiskey, vodka or rum fan, we've got a well drink with your name on it.

Come by our bar and grill today to relax and sip on your favorite beer or liquor.